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Thread: anyone into DIVX video format?

  1. anyone into DIVX video format?

    anyone? iv been downloaded them latley.. but some are hard to download.. its pretty cool . I just download movies I dont feel that are worth paying 20bux for.. I buy alot of dvds.. and some are just not worth it! so I feel that DLing them for free shouldnt be against the law hehe..

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    I thought that DVIX went out of business?

    About 5 years ago, I went to Circuit City, and bough DVD/DVIX, I kinda lilked tha format, and if I wanted to covert the movie, I get to preview it first for very little $... I paid around $150 for the unit..

    2 weeks later, I read newspaper, that DVIX is folding their operation and anyone who purchased any equipment within 30 days gets $100 credit...

    So I went back to the store, bought just about every DIVX disk they had for $1.00 each, cheaper then any rental, and got my $100 back, so almost 5 years ago, a very nice DVD player costed me only $50


  3. oh wow! they actually used to make DIVX videos on disk? thats tight..

    I hate the worlds tech.. alot of great stuff is out... but they dont make it!! i mean.. those sony mini disk are so cool.. and im sure you can fit just enough data on a mini disk as a DVD 4.7gigs..

    but no.. the most standard disk out a 700mb, 80min cd.. BAH!

    you can search P2P networks over the internet and download Divx videos.. they are around 600-800mb typically. and most have DVD quality.. if not DVD quality.. just a little under it...but not as low as VHS..

  4. Hi there, of course, you can download it back. You can tiktok video download, any video you like. The video that you will download may be downloaded with a watermark, but on the Internet, you can find applications that allow you to download TikTok videos for free without a watermark. Guys, what applications do you use, share your experience, maybe I will also download such an application for myself? Thank you all in advance.
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