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Thread: And We're Back!

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    And We're Back!

    We had to use our 2021 COVID Stimulus check to get the landlord to unlock the place after missing the last rent payment. Everything seems to be in place so go ahead and carry on.
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  2. Moneybagg Joe brought 190Rev back?

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    Make the Rev busy again
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    Quote Originally Posted by SpartanV View Post
    Make the Rev busy again
    I hope so too!

    ...but I really think we need a reliable low cost or no cost photo hosting service for forums to really come back. Instagram made links time sensitive and no longer simple to find while looking in the the page source code, google photos doesn't allow hotlinking, 190rev built-in photo has too small of a file size limit for modern phone pics (a current struggle) so forget any serious camera you might be documenting with (another current struggle). I really find this to be a roadblock, I've been working on more 190's than I ever have before and the build levels keep escalating. The newest one is something I've been dreaming about building myself and I am excited to be able to help this person and participate in making a 190 like this a reality. I really wish I had an easier way to share everything with you guys.
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    @secretmachine is right

    Honestly, it's the software - vbulletin is ancient; it's killing the rev.

    • No photo hosting
    • No social login or integrations
    • No mobile format or notifications

    I dislike facebook as much as anyone, but it's 2021 - we need these features to survive.

    I have tried to get others to join, but people inevitably forget their password, get discouraged and never come back.
    Plus, all the cool threads are locked up, making it look even more like a ghost town to a newcomer.

    I run a couple discourse communities and have been very happy with it.

    Guarantee it will wake this place up, we don't even have to lose any existing content!

    @MTI - not much work is needed, I could have a demo up within 24 hours.
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    I think secret machine hit the nail on the head. I miss the good ol' days of a busy rev. It was a great source of information and motivation. It's difficult to go back to threads I remember being great and not having the images load up.
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