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Thread: Child Seat in a W201, still possible or ...?...

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    Child Seat in a W201, still possible or ...?...

    Hello W201 nuts

    Ive got my first child coming in February and will be buying a car with 4doors soon. I've always wanted a W201 and with its overengineered status, Im curious if Im still able to put a child seat in the back safely. My car will be the secondary baby carrier car, so I want to make sure a W201 will accept the modern child seats should I need to.

    I read somewhere online that removing the first aid kit reveals an anchor point, but would rather ask the question now rather than find out post-purchase. Is this internet nonsense or was this another example of forward thinking by MB?

    Any personal experience with a child seat in this chassis would also be very helpful.


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    I haven't found any tethering point, but I have two car seats, one back booster and one backless booster in the rear of my w201. They sit a bit high on the seats because they're deep buckets but otherwise can buckle in with the three point seat belt fine. There's no latch points either so you will need to route the belt through if you are going to use the built in five point harness for younger children.

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    You will have to weld in your own anchor points.
    There are no captive nuts installed in the parcel tray for a child seat, nor are there any reinforced sections suitably placed.

    The process is straightforward, remove rear seat, remove parcel tray, install the anchor points in the appropriately accessible location (directly behind the centre of the headrest is the widely accepted location), refit the parcel tray, drill through and affix the anchor point.

    Australian standard safety requirements for the child safety anchor points are generally a square piece of 1/4" plate, minimum of 4" side length, with the appropriate high tensile bolt of 7/16"UNF minimum grade 8.8 to anchor the capsule.
    Your location and legal requiremens may vary.

    here's an excerpt from our VSB:(LK6)
    mounting plates must have length times width dimensions of at least:
     100mm x 75mm for vehicles up to 1150 kg tare mass, or
     100mm x 100mm for vehicles greater than 1150 kg and up to 1600 kg tare mass; or
     120mm x 120mm for vehicles greater than 1600 kg tare mass.
    The lower underfloor mounting plates must be at least 120mm x 45mm. Mounting plates of equivalent area may be used.
    Mounting plates must be free of sharp edges or protrusions and the mating surface edges must be rounded to reduce the likelihood of any guillotine action occurring.

    Here's a 2.5-16 parcel tray (dec 1989 build)
    Click image for larger version. 

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  4. The Porsche community uses these, quite an elegant solution:
    1985 190E 2.3-16 Euro

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