New Member here, just took delivery of my first 190 a few days ago! (SF Bay Area)

The 190E 2.3-16 has always been a "bucket-list" car for me. Found this one in Miami about a month ago and I flew out to check it out and fell in love.

The car is very well sorted out with a stack of maintenance records going back to 2008 totaling $26K! The engine was rebuilt about 20k miles ago, and all the major systems have been refurbished in the last decade. Has working A/C, SLS, etc.

I have spent the last few weeks browsing through threads on here trying to learn as much as possible about these cars. Already have some parts on order to tackle a couple of minor repairs it needs such as a broken passenger headrest adjuster, new LCD screen for the lap timer, and power antenna.
Some other work that it needs to make it 100% is fixing the cruise control (came with a spare computer so going to try and swap that out)

Being a bit of an automotive purist, my goal is to get it as close to factory spec as possible. At some point someone decided to "upgrade" to 16" Evo 1 style wheels. If anyone has a lead on a set of the factory 15"x7 wheels let me know!

I look forward to becoming a part of the community here.