Hi folks, I just joined this forum having been bitten by the 16V bug. I remember this car from years ago when I was shopping for one or an E30 M3..I never acquired the 16V and subsequently got hooked on a BMW 3.0CS that I eventually restored and drive to car events/shows, etc.

But I want a daily driver in the next few years and think a 16V would be just the ticket. I test drove one the other day out here in Vienna VA close to my home but it's an automatic; it also comes with a manual and related parts for a conversion but the asking price is a little high I think and I'm not sure how complicated the tranny conversion would be or who could do that well.

So I'm open to an 87 or 87 and the Euro version would be even nice if I could one with those lovely plaid seats and higher power. My budget would be around $25k for a car in great condition. I've done the "drive a rough car for a while and then restore it" and I don't think I have the energy to go through that again for a lesser priced 16v right now with a full time job, three kids, etc...I'm also smitten with original condition, and the Smoke Silver paint. All I might add are the 16" SL wheels and bump the stock horsepower to something closer to Euro spec. BTW, I converted my dual carb CS to L Jetronic fuel injection with Megasquirt years ago and I'm very happy with those results - stock CSI look with lots more power and reliability.

There are a few 16v examples on Hemmings right now and BaT has them once in a while but my Google search on Craig's list has come up short. With my 3.0CS, their forum is pretty complete with parts, repair advice and cars for sale but the 16V forum here doesn't seem to be as active.

Any thoughts on who has a car for sale or where I might look for further candidates? I'm in no hurry and can spend the next year or so looking...

Thank you in advance,