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Thread: Rear view Mirror on 201 chassis

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    Rear view Mirror on 201 chassis

    I read an article on you tube on how to remove and replace my rear view mirror.
    I was able to get a replacement mirror from a Mercedes dismantler, He was suppose to show me how to remove the
    mirror but his employee did the job before we got there.
    He said that you grab the mirror and with a quick snap side to side it'll pop off, the trouble I encountered was the
    base along with the mirror came out.
    I reattached the base and using plyers carefully squeezed the spring together trying to wedge something between the spring
    and and bracket to keep the spring in place to slip the mirror into the bracket. After futile attempts decided to take a brake hoping
    that someone might know if Mercedes has a special tool for this.
    I was told that I was to pop it in place using force but trying to remove the old mirror to much force removed the bracket as well.
    I appreciate any suggestion.

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    there's no tool for this except your strength. it takes a lot of force, to install i usually wedge one side in first and push upwards hard, i have even resorted to laying across the seats and pushing up from there.
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    I have changed the rear view mirrors several times, and used both methods. Wedged one side into the bracket, held an old wooden hammer handle under the other side and hit the end with a 4 Lb hammer (same as you would a chisel, and you really have to HIT it). It looks a bit scary so close to the top of the windshield, but the construction is tougher than it looks.
    The easier way, I found a small flat nail file, used my biggest (17 inch) channel lock to compress the pins/spring on both sides, and slip the little metal file between spring and side,
    inserted the mirror base all the way into the bracket, and pulled out the metal piece/file.
    There is a video on youtube, and I did the exact same. Finding the right size flat metal bit seems to be the main obstacle.

    I have been trying to tighten up floppy mirrors, but that's for another post.

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    palm of hands or a fist with one side of the ball already located in the slot.
    any tools would just damage and chip the housings unless they are plastic.
    you risk damaging liner and other surrounding interior pieces with tools/makeshift.
    lubrication on ball ends has helped for friction.

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