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Thread: What to do when your 201 is up on blocks....

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    What to do when your 201 is up on blocks....

    I've had Hermann the 16v maintenance apathy for 12 months, and recently made a decision to get back on the job of all the 'little' things (that become much bigger things as we all know) - not before time. The kicker was having to vacuum up leaves from underneath the car (in a closed garage) to keep the floor clean... Slackarse!

    So vacuum out and then put the charger on Hermann's battery, only to find the battery will no longer take a charge (I was expecting this, it has had routine charging but was on it's way out - I was just 'hoping' to get one last crank out of it) then put the charger onto Stella, only to find the same... hmmm... Hey Charger?

    After a few hours of testing and diagnostics, came to the obvious conclusion that the Ctek mxs15 charger I've had for 10 years finally bit the dust. Not easily repairable, even though the stabilizing caps are bulging and obvious - the whole bloody thing is conformal dipped in the thickest poly/silicone I've seen in years. So, off to get a new one and a bit of an upgrade to an mxs25, and retire the old one to the corner for when I can be arsed stripping out the conformal.

    dropped it on both batteries and while the 16v battery was still kaput as I originally suspected, the battery in stella topped up nicely in about an hour. win #1 for the week.

    Sadly however, there has not been much to report. Work got in the way of doing meaningful and engaging theraputic activity.

    So wind the clock back about 6 months, I bought a couple of OM606's and a 722.6, and a fully overhauled IP - with the intention of dropping it into the range rover. Still working on that, and still have 2 engines taking up space in the garage. I need more space. Story of my life.... also have spare Rangie diffs, transfer cases and swivel hubs to rebuild before throwing them under the bus. estimate another 12 months before I get around to that.

    Sold the Megane RS 8:08. That was a bit of a relief, and sad at the same time.
    Bought a 2012 E63 to replace it. it had 25K on it and is minty fresh. when factory warranty runs out in 2 years, it's getting the GAD treatment.
    Done 11K since we bought it and it's basically telling me I should get rid of my 107 201 and 124. Yes I know, BUT. It's as fun as the 16v to drive, it has the v8 grunt and sound like the 107, it has all the comfort in the world like the 124 coupe - and it is convenient and versatile.

    Can't take it offroad though! so the Rangie stays until I can find a good G.

    Started rebuilding the spare rear 124 hubs for Gretel about a month and a bit ago, ran out of time halfway through..... again... story of my life...... but while 'off' that job have since decided they can go into Hermann, then I'll rebuild those and keep them on the shelf for Gretel, when it's needed. Gretel does need new rear handbrake shoes and rotors though, as well as rear diff mounts and a couple of tweaks on the rear end, but Hermann's subframe will be coming out again for a rework.

    Have been giving some thought to changing rear end ratio's in the 124 to a 3.07. I'd be happy with 3.27 but nothing available locally in good condition - and other than the spare 3.07 ASD rear I only have another spare 3.69 open diff in the 124 case. meh.

    Still need more space. and time.

    At least the 212 is low maintenance.
    1987 201.034 - € spec 5sp. Blauschwarz- Hermann.
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    1992 124.090 - 4sp auto Malachit Grün - Beatrix
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    2012 212.074 - 7sp mct-speedshift Diamantweiß - Klaus
    numerous other non-MB's
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    These chats, I like.
    People's alt modern drives vs 30-yr old car.
    The dilemma of time & space.
    Then just a small amount of technical snafu thrown in. Already resolved, thank you.
    '86 190E 16V, museum piece since '98

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