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Thread: 1jz VVTI ETCS-I Single Turbo Swap 190e

  1. 1jz VVTI ETCS-I Single Turbo Swap 190e

    Hello Gentleman,

    Im new to the group and heard you guys were the best.

    I just picked up a 1jz out of a jzs171 approx 50k miles on it. picking up an R154 transmission from a mk3 supra around the same miles.
    I will be converting my 190e over to manual as well as totally removing the ECU and going full stand alone (Haltech). Im looking for
    recommendations on brake setups and LSD setups as well. i was debating on just welding my rear diff seeing as this car will be pretty
    much a devoted drift car. I would also be interested in anyone who has parts laying around such as grilles/body kits/etc etc.

    1992 190e 2.6 L
    1JZ GTE VVTI ETCS-i R154 Swapped

  2. Update:

    I picked up the R154 transmission and have been working on replacing gaskets/waterpump/pulleys/belts/plugs/tensioners/etc etc. seems to never end $$$$$

    My engine came partially disassembled so figuring out whats missing and what needs to be replaced or just removed/deleted in general has been a trip to say the least.
    Currently its sitting pretty. just about ready to set timing and put the belts on, however the VVTI cam gear was disassembled partially when i got the engine. after rebuilding it and doing more research about them i see they can be finicky and people highly recommend replacing them if you're not 100% sure it went back together exacly as it was taken apart. so im just waiting on a new gear and i can button the front part of the engine up. next will be installing the CX racing exhaust manifold and the turbo, pretty sure im going with a Holset HX35. they seem abundant and relatively cheap. then last but not least to finish up the engine ill be installing the fuel rail and injectors. not sure what fuel rail yet, but id like to go with ID1000 injectors seeing as theyre flex fuel friendly and id like to be able to run a flex fuel sensor/setup in the near future if not immediately.

    Engine Management:
    been doing a lot of research on this matter. Haltech quoted me $2700 for the Elite2000 and there digital display dash. which initially i was all for spending the extra money for a nice system i can grow into, however I've been researching the EMU black and it seems to do everything i could ever want as well for less than half the price, granted there digital display dashes are more expensive for some reason, but they have an app that works with any android product that will display all the gauges i want and its much more customizable than the dash displays. the bluetooth setup is another $100, and ill need a tablet. but still well under $1500 for a more popular engine management system. by no means am i trying to cheap out, but i'm also not building an FD car and can use the extra money on other parts for the car.

    Engine $500
    Trans & New south bend stage 3 clutch kit & lightweight flywheel $1700
    Aluminum Pulleys $120
    Trans bolts, Flywheel bolts, pressure plate bolts, water pump bolts, valve cover bolts, VVTI oiler bolts, etc etc. roughly $100
    water pump & thermostat $ 200
    Spark Plugs $40
    gaskets $freee (came with engine)
    ARP headstuds $freeee
    drive by wire delete $20
    misc. other parts $500 (Serp tensioner, timing tensioner, crank angle sensor, etc)

    $3180 total so far. budget is 8k.... havnt touched suspension/wheels/tires/harness/tune/seats/interior/cage etc etc. its gunna be close
    1992 190e 2.6 L
    1JZ GTE VVTI ETCS-i R154 Swapped

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    Any pics?

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    Very nicee
    1993 190e 3.0

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    hey bro im doing a 1jz swap too! did you ever figure out your diff set up? i heard the diesel 2.0 190D w201 models had a 3.91 diff but i couldn't find anything about the max power, and everyone else is see is using a skyline R33 differential which i believe is a 4.10 gearing.

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