In my country 190E ( gasoline ).. it's part of shame, 'cos everyone loves just diesel.
So I decided to be shamed.
Croatia, main city - Zagreb. :)
The main reason I'm here is.. to see how you guys work,
ideas and works on the 190..Like this guy

I bought it for 3500 kn, it's ~550 $ or 470 .
2.0 90kw..


Well...It will be show off car, more like weekend car.
At the end..I would love to create 3.2 monster with ITB and vems :)
As I'm a student I don't have time to work on it, but I'm done ( with college) for this month, so..
The car is literally full of parts.

  • LED bar install
  • side grill like TD on both sides
  • widening LCA and following content
  • upholstery ( google said that word ) of bucket seats..material comes from rear bench
  • get some 15" and slicks
  • weld diff
  • install a hydro brake
  • bigger brakes + reparation
  • bigger front ARB
  • springs from 300td 124
  • reparation of front control arms
  • remove details from the interior and do something with sound insulation
  • straight pipe or similar
  • transmision 717.410 and diff 3.91 - from 2.0d 5 gang

Car is different from the first image, but I also sold Unoblocks from INTRA :/

Equipment by vin: