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Thread: 3D Printing Feeler

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    3D Printing Feeler

    Hey revvers, I recently got a 3d printer to mess around with nothing too fancy but I was wondering if anyone had any ideas on parts that could be printed. right now I'm just using the ABS spools that came with it but I know there are better materials thata can be used. Mainly just spit balling here but if I can help out the community with anything I'd be more than happy to. build space is 8.9 X 5.8 X 5.9 in

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    Cupholder. Single or double that will fit into the space behind/beside the handbrake without interfering with the handbrake.

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    We'll need some meshes to slice before we can print anything!

    Here's a few to start.

    My ideas for things to model and materials to print them in:

    Shifter bushings - Nylon
    that 16v bumper panel that everyone loses - ASA or Polycarbonate
    NLA body and bumper clips- Nylon
    rubber bits - Ninjaflex
    the plastic thing that secures manual shifter boot - ASA or PETG

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    Ok cool. I'll get measurements and start playing with designs

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