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Thread: W201FTW - M104.980 CIS Motor Swap Video

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    W201FTW - M104.980 CIS Motor Swap Video

    Hi guys, been a while. I finished getting the M104 into my car and finally got it to run. Here's a video:

    I still have some more work ahead of me: AC system, transmission, rear main seal, etc... I did only the bare minimum to get the engine up and running for a quick test.

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    great job!

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    +1 Great Job!!!

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    Awesome! .980rocks!
    Aren't you afraid that the EZL will take a crap?
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    Quote Originally Posted by BENZEVO View Post
    Awesome! .980rocks!
    Aren't you afraid that the EZL will take a crap?
    He can upgrade later.

    Remove the EZL

    Keeps the same crank sensor
    Keep the distributor and wires.

    Just needs to add 1 smart coil and an EFI ecu that triggers off the three flyweights on the crank.

    If he wants control of the CiS he can do FCiS.

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    very nice!!!!

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    Great work, road speed signal handled I take it? You're gonna want that cam solenoid working one day :) The EZL is subharnessed, you can implement that later one, I guess once you have all the parts.
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    1993 190e 3.0

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    Anybody have experience with wiring in an M104.99x?
    Have yet to start with mine.
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  10. Great work John, Did you tidy everything up?
    How is it running?

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