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Thread: 1990 3.0l

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    1990 3.0l

    Hello everyone,

    Joined the forum a few months ago, bought this car back in June. It was parked for 4 years without moving or being started. It needed a water pump. I replaced the pump along with all the hoses at the front of the engine. Then after one start the fuel pumps went out lol
    I replaced those and the car was yes I said was running. Well it still runs but Iíve developed a leak from the pipe at the back of the head which leads to the heater core. I need to replace those hoses along with the o ring as of this post.

    Background on the car
    1990 originally 2.6 but swapped with a 3.0
    Lowered in cut 400e Springs
    Centra type 31 16x8 +11 all around

    Plans for the future
    Like everyone else, 5 speed swap
    This may sound silly but I really really want ITBs on the m103 so thatís the plan.
    For the exterior Iíd like to add flares (not Evo 1 or 2) is like to run some good size rubber instead of the stretch tires I have now.
    If I donít manage to go through with the ITB plan, then it will definitely be boosted.
    Plans may change as time goes by but so far thatís where Iím at.

    The build will be slow and take time but itíll get there.

    Well nice to be here and look forward to being a member.

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    Cool car. Is it only rubbing on the front? Did you use the amg fender spacer kit already?

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    Sweet, nice car! I've got a 3.0 as well. ITBs would be badass. Good luck with your project and welcome!
    There are a bunch of us from SoCal as well.
    1993 190e 3.0

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