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Thread: S124 Hotness

  1. S124 Hotness

    Hey I bought a 124 wagon for a project back in 2015 and I'm slowly modifying it. I'm just going to post here because W124 forums are kinda dead.

  2. Not 190 related but another project I picked up a couple weeks back.

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    very nice

  4. Sick! That wago is gonna be nuts when it's done

  5. Awesome. Wish I could find a workable W124 wagon here in TX. Keep us updated.
    Good sellers: veedubfreak86, David Hendy (ebay m-b500e)
    87 16V-auto, 87 190D 2.5 turbo

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    Are you the same guy posting on peachparts forum 606 into W124 with 6 speed manual transmission ?

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