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Just make a new account
I've been a heavy user of 3rd party hosted pics and I assume, without even checking, that the abrupt change in policy by Photobucket (from free to subscription) cut a wide swath thru all my Rev posts of the last 15 years.
Since any other "free" hosting site could also, outside of my control, pull the plug at any time for any reason, I instead have man'd up and established my own paid-for server under my own domain name.
It's just naked hardware with no photo album layered on top so I load it via sFTP.
The ($120/yr) cost of the server gets subtracted out of my associated business revenue from automotive parts and services.
The server will also host my business website(s) when I get that ambitious.
The risk going forward is that if for whatever reason (death, destitution) I stop making payments on my own server, the links again go away.

Over two days I have already redirect links in the BMW world where it matters most.
In most cases I was able to retrieve content from Photobucket.
Occasionally I have to sleuth my local drive.
190rev is more of a problem. The links are more scattered, the motivation more distant.
Over in Ford space, the my posts get locked after 30 days. Oh, well.
I'll get to my Rev technical threads, eventually. The banal chatter, probably not.