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Thread: looking to buy back my fav 201

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    looking to buy back my fav 201

    anyone know where a black '85 190D 2.0 Euro with hand crank windows, that was imported from hungary ended up?
    Searching For '85 190D 2.0 Hungarian import

  2. Try Pelican, more diesel folks over there.

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    It was crushed
    1986 201.034 "Berthilda" 5-speed, Evo II wheels 225/45/17, 400E front swaybar, 400e rear brakes
    1986 201.024 M104 engine, 5-speed Conversion, Updated LE trim console, 400E front sway bar, W202 springs, Limited slip Diff, 16v Steering box, 3" magnaflow exhaust system, 16v body kit, 16v Fuel tank, 16v Brake Booster, 400E calipers, MS2 3.57.
    1993 201.029 Sportline LE.

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