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Thread: Garagistic Aftermarket Support

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    Garagistic Aftermarket Support

    If any of you follow Garagistic on Social Media, you know what they're about. Looks like they will be supporting our cars soon. They have their own 16v project car that's fully Evo 2 kitted. I asked them what we might be seeing for product offerings. You can get a taste from what they produce for E30's but the response included all kinds of poly bushings and linkages and will extend to engine swap bits. There was even mention of a diff adapter kit to fit a plentiful and affordable LSD to our cars. Thought you guys might like to know. I'm sure they would like to know what kinds of things we would be interested in as a community since they are a small and flexible company. Food for thought, I'm sure I'm not alone in being excited for their support.
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  2. I'm deep in the BMW world, and they have done a great job in a short amount of time. Look forward to joining you and them in the Mercedes world!

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    A diff adapter kit would be amazing. Thanks for sharing.

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    Cool! Interested to see what they come up with. Engine swap bits and a diff adapter option would certainly be cool
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  5. Would love to see a kit to adapt the Nissan R200 diff to the rear of a W201
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    Garagistic Aftermarket Support

    Yes I have spoken to Matt about his 190. He has made a lot of components already. He just needs to do the R&D side if things.

    Matts a cool guy to deal with and I look forward to seeing more of his products hit the MB community.

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    Nice, I've got a bunch of stuff from them for my E30.
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