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Thread: Is this the most active forum for W201 owners?

  1. Quote Originally Posted by 202brabus View Post
    This forum died 2 years ago.
    Maybe if you didn't crap all over every thread ...
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    Thanks for the tip! We have a 190E with the AMG 6.3 drivetrain from radiator to differential shoehorned within the stock sheet metal. A hoonigan style ride but not original to say the least. Thanks again!
    I'd participate in this forum again to see this.

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    OMG yes! such a cool project!
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  4. Quote Originally Posted by secretmachine View Post
    OMG yes! such a cool project!
    Right epic project glad he registered on this site.

  5. I'm out for a few weeks, but will send some photos after the July 20. I like the 190 chassis, but its not heavily followed like the BMW E30 - so a very neat car to build. We did the E30 M3 with the S85 Dinan stroked V10 few years ago - really a fun project. Seeing that little beast pull rapidly away from a Diablo SV from 80-140 was epic.

    With the benz we went a different path, and preserved the architecture of the C63 engine/transmission/ecu package - with the exception we put long tube headers and 3" exhaust all the way back and chipped the ECU. So a factory level of driveability. We were also able to keep all the rubber (with full turning radius) inside the stock 190 EVO 2 fenders, and build full wheel well liners. I also wimped out and went for A/C and the factory stereo. But in the DC area no A/C can be rough in summer. Luckily we also picked up OEM front and rear EVO 2 bumpers as its hard to find nice aftermarket sets. Right now we are at 3400 lbs with 1/2 tank and about 52/48 front to rear. Running 275 tires in back and 255 in front. We might delete the rear evo 2 wing and build something a little more subdued - anyway, thanks for the support. all these things take time and energy, mistakes get made along the way, some things don't look as you wanted, and at many junctures you question your own sanity in going further with the project. more later!

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    The facebook page is nice but everything is grouped together and it makes it hard to follow stuff. I would visit here to find more technical stuff
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    Want to be active...? Anybody in So. Cal. up for a meet?

    Oh btw, not as active myself...but always reading in here.
    If I've never said thank you, I'll say thank you to everyone here for all the information stored.

    Thank you!
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  8. I'm just gonna post my 124 build here the only other decent old benz forum is pelican.

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