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    2.3-16 Project

    I thought I'd introduce myself (by "myself" I mean my 190...)

    I had been searching for a 2.3-16 project for quite some time, and finally found, what I think to be, a good candidate.

    The compression is down in the #1 cylinder. I pulled the valve-cover off while diagnosing and quickly found the cams to be off. I instantly feared the tensioner was shot and the engine was doomed with a bent valve or 8. However at TDC I found that each cam was off by one tooth. The exhaust was offset clockwise (early)... the intake counterclockwise (late). Fortunately this actually puts the motor FURTHER from piston/valve contact, so I stopped worrying. I suspect that the motor was rebuilt (the head is SPOTLESS inside) and simply assembled incorrectly. The sprocket alignment holes are in fact ACROSS from each other at TDC... just not across from each other at the centerline of the cams. :/ I set it right last weekend

    The intake sprocket looks terrible (thrust wear from the chain) so I'm hoping to find a good used one. Other than that, it goes into the garage this weekend to pull the motor! Time to get that compression up across all 4 pots.

    I've had some great insight and feedback from some local owners via this forum. So, thanks!
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