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    Brown Benz (M104-Megasquirt)

    As a followup to the Blue Benz and it's catastrophic malfunction, this is my new official "member ride" thread.

    Background - Blue Benz

    From that car I have a complete 5-speed swap. If anyone has input on compatibility or other parts I should retrieve, please chime in.

    I will be using the transmission, flywheel, driveshaft, brace bar, pedals, and shifter from that car. I also grabbed the brake fluid reservoir, haven't checked if I actually need to swap it though.

    I have new master and slave cylinders and ordered a SPEC stage 2 clutch they have listed for an 84 190e which is rated for 294 lb-ft. Should be enough for a slightly modded M104 while maintaining good drive-ability and without destroying the transmission.

    Pics of all three 190e's together a while back:

    I picked this girl up from Buffalo, about two hours from me, for $900. Engine has a thrown rod or something else seriously wrong. But it's an Arizona car with 71,xxx miles on it!!!! Crystal Clear underneath and inside.

    Still has the factory Mercedes battery and First Aid Kit! There's a few unfortunate dents and scratches but they can be resolved.
    I used the suspension in the blue car for a rallycross so I put on my H&R Cup kit and $100 set of wheels to roll it around. I've got some Euro headlights to put on soon.

    The front WILL need to be lifted. This kit is meant for a 2.3 so that big engine is just too much weight. The back is good though. My BBS RX 17's are powder coated now and have a smaller overall diameter tire which will help a bit. Nitto NeoGens 205-40-17 vs the 205-50-17 which are on now plus some modest stretch with the wider wheels.

    3.2-24 valve M104 out of a 95 E320 W124. Junkyard motor, turns by hand well. Kinda nice, this motor has about the same number of miles as the car it's going in. It also came with the non-biodegradable wiring harness which is a huge bonus.

    I was going to do a head gasket but I don't have time for it and there were no noticeable oil leaks in the problem zone... yeah yeah yeah, I know, I'll do it once I know it all works and I get to have some fun.

    I did do the upper timing cover seals and new valve cover gasket. Also got the valve cover powder coated to match the wheels.

    I have a Non-ASR throttle body from a member here to be cable driven but can also be wired to give a TPS reading. Bought a 60-2 Trigger wheel and VR Sensor Bracket also from a member here. Management will be a Megasquirt 3 v3.0 which I assembled myself and it has passed all the voltage tests. I'm just hoping my soldering doesn't fail me. That as well as an LC-2 Wideband O2 Sensor and controller came from DIY-AutoTune. They also sell a Quadspark coil driver which I bought. The wiring plan is as follows:

    -Reuse original (replaced) wiring harness to maintain OE look and plugs.
    -Reroute original crank position VR sensor to trigger wheel location and extend those wires.
    -Reuse original cam position VR sensor for additional timing input and ease of calibration.
    -Lop off the original ECU plug and begin my custom wiring harness from there. SG-Motorsports has the wiring diagrams I need.
    -Mount the Megasquirt under the passenger seat using the 8' wiring harness for safety, easy access, and maintain use of my glovebox.
    -Use original coils which fire two cylinders each meaning three coils total. The Quadspark has four outputs so that works running a wasted spark configuration.
    -Use original injectors, pressure regulator, and lines.
    -Try to calibrate all original temperature sensors (IAT, Ambient Air, Coolant) this engine does have a variable coolant temperature sensor right? not a switch.
    -Try to tune myself.

    If anyone sees flaws in the plan, please point them out. Starting to pull engine and trans as a unit tomorrow, bringing the flywheel in for resurfacing on Monday. New engine and trans will be installed as a unit as well to avoid 1/8th turns via box end wrench on transmission bolts... most time consuming part of that job, anyone doing it, just buy a 17mm speed wrench.

    Lets Go!!!!
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