I bought this 16v in 2010 (if I remember right).
The body was in good shape, only has bad clear coat on the roof, but the interior, dash, suspension,brakes, were all in bad shape.

I decided to make a street legal track day car, but on a very "reasonable" budget,,,,
because I have other project cars that also need my time and money.

I also work a lot of hours every week (usually 70 or more as I am self employed) so I did not want to get too wild on my 190 build.
Main goals are to keep it simple, reliable, lighten it up, and pick on all the higher HP/more expensive cars at the track.

Here is what I started with:

First item was a complete tune up and fluids/filters changed. I also installed a new timing chain, tensioner, and adjusted the valves.

Then I did a complete shifter rebuild and modified the bottom for shorter travel.