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    Blue Benz

    So I started out here feeling around what I could do to a 2.6 auto after putting it on the dyno and was quickly convinced to go m104 swap and standalone. Unfortunately, I have no interest in motor swapping with an automatic. Fortunately, I found an 84 eight valve with a 5 speed and jumped on it. Here we go...

    Anyone have any input on the spoiler. It's a Zender but I haven't seen many of this style. I'll have to get a better picture.

    I bought it not running and the guy didn't know why just that no fuel was getting to the distributor. Got it running that same day. He wired in a new fuel pump backwards... HA

    Shipped over a set of BBS RX 17 inch wheels with what's left of some sticky NT01 Nitto tires from turb0mik3 on this forum. Thanks again.

    Also bought and installed the H&R Touring Cup Kit and lost the chrome. Here's a before and after.

    The 2.6 lingers in the background there. That one has a broken radiator bracket mount. It's a 93 and the whole thing's totally rusted through. When it finally gave way the radiator dropped and dragged the lower radiator hose into contact with one of the pulleys which sliced a hole through it. I managed to find a replacement that day though, not from the dealer.

    I can't imagine this helped at all...

    That one's going to hang in the pits for a while. I still need to give the blue benz a good wax job. Every horizontal surface is faded but according to a test spot I did, it should clean up nicely. I also need to find a solution for the skirts which are in rough shape around the jack points.
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  2. So no motor swapping?
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    I like it, it has character!
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    Looks like a totally different car with the few changes you made! Very nice
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    I'm enjoying it. The five speed is fun although the clutch hydraulics may leak as I had to top up on brake fluid this morning. Thankfully it bled itself so I could make it to work parking next to a 70's load truck.

    For future plans, I think I'm going to have to do Euro headlights and try to clean up some of the bodywork. Would putting on 16v skirts cover up the jack points? and would that look goofy with just the skirts and no bumpers or flares?
    Also that 8 valve motor is not giving me enough thrill though.

    Raffaelli :
    So no motor swapping?
    Did I mention I have one of these:

    and one of these:

    It's time to get soldering.
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    Looks 100% better already!
    You said you dyno'd it? What did it make?

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    I dyno'd the 2.6 back in the fall. It made 144 tq and 144 hp, pretty good numbers if you ask me.
    I'll probably throw this one on the dyno post swap for tuning purposes.

    Today I buffed the [email protected]! out of all the horizontals.



    Everything shined up really well except for the roof line between the doors and the length wise trim piece. I'll try again with something a bit grittier. But I'm generally happy with the results.
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    My 2.6 had that same style of Zender spoiler; the only piece of Zender on the car, hahah.
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    The spoiler's growing on me. I gotta source some more Zender for it.

    Exhaust fell off... I'm now catless.

    Still passed inspection yesterday though. I guess they didn't seem to mind my Advanced Auto fix.

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    Well... It didn't last long.

    The neighbor backed into the car whilst parked on the street.

    She hit it hard enough to slide the car into the curb and nicked the wheel.

    The bad news is, insurance totaled the car. The good news is, insurance has paid me three times what I paid for it.

    Project swap begins... I now have a complete 5-speed swap, a useable flywheel, m104 motor, megasquirt 3, suspension, wheels, and poly bushings to throw into the 2.6. This is going to be fun. I'm probably going to put some of that money into a vinyl wrap to cover the awful paint failure on the silver. I'm struggling for what color to go with though. Something that will suit the grey interior. I'm also going to get the wheels repaired and powder coated since I have time to let them get worked on.
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    In for updates??

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    Ouch! Sorry about the loss, but it sounds like you have a solid plan
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    Update, had some serious fun with my totaled blue car.



    Outrageous fun. Autocross was on H&R Suspension and Nitto NT01 Tires on my BBS's. Came in 5th out of 22 in the Novice class as it was my first ever motorsport event. Not bad I'd say, considering the competition consisted of cars like a Golf R, S2000's, many miatas, WRX's and so forth. Rallycross I swapped in 2.6 springs and shocks and the OE wheels. Had to cut a coil off the front springs to get them to fit in without a compressor. I do it the janky way. Came in 9th of 13 overall losing to only a seasoned stage rallier in his CRX and his Co-Driver in a new Fiesta. I was also sand bagging a bit for fear of not making it home again. Everyone thought it was a hilarious spectacle though.

    Anyway, soldering's almost done. Doing a head gasket on the M104 and fitting up a trigger wheel. Already have new clutch hydraulics excluding the line which would be nice to source since mine is cracked. Got a non-ASR throttle body to modify for a TPS. I've been prioritizing rebuilding the small block V8 from the family Formula 233ls which should be done by next weekend so updates will be more frequent then. I'll probably start a new thread since it will no longer have anything to do with the blue 190.

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    Nice vids! Cool to see you really driving it too!
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    Nice! That car makes it everywhere and does well at the same time.

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    Soooo... As it turns out, rallying does not improve the longevity of a car.

    This should be covered under warranty right?

    Long story short, I was driving on four wheels on the highway (60mph), then... I was driving on three wheels watching my fourth overtake me. After some skillful maneuvering and a change of pants I located my wheel several hundered feet ahead of me with the hub still bolted on and the brake disc sheared off. I then determined the wheel bearing had *clears throat* failed. That's that, oh well, totaled car is totaled. Now I can shift focus.

    Parts are coming off:

    5-Speed -

    Flywheel -

    Driveshaft -

    Brace bar, shifter, pedals, fluid reservoir -

    If anyone really wants stuff, I guess just ask, the cars pretty beat and the odometer stopped at 75,xxx. I'm taking anything related to a 5-speed swap besides the master and slave cylinders as I bought new ones. I'm not sure if I'm taking the differential yet. The Zender spoiler, I don't need if someone wants that. Rear seats are nice but I don't think many of you are local to me.

    The engine ran really quite good, cold/hot starts no problems. I doubt there's much interest in used engine parts or a complete unit but hey, it's there if someone wants it. Otherwise she's off to the junkyard once I've had my final work overs. Best adventure car I've ever had and made money in the end, even after paying for a tow truck.

    New thread will be started for my M104 swap. Ambitious goals and steady labor on that so far.
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    The wheel bearing probably needed tightening even before the rallying and got worse afterwards. From my experience I can tell that it is advisable to check the front wheel bearings for play around once or twice per year depending on driving habits as they do need a bit of tightening every now and then. A somewhat loose front wheel bearing usually does not make any sound either as it is still in ok condition but just needs tightening. When it starts making a noise then it needs to be replaced.

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    sorry to see it's demise, but glad you enjoyed the car and are ok
    1987 190e 2.3-16v Cosworth (W201)
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