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Thread: Policy for posting in Member's Rides -- Please Read

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    Policy for posting in Member's Rides -- Please Read

    Didn't think all you cheapskates would get off that easy ::

    General Guidelines

    ::Maximum picture size, for all members, is 800x600 pixels. Images not conforming to this size will be removed at a moderator's discretion.

    ::Non-Premium Members can post a maximum of 4 images. Extra images will be removed at a moderator's discretion.

    ::Premium Members have no image limit.

    Ride of the Month

    ::Posting your ride in Member's Rides automatically enters you for a chance to win Ride of the Month status.

    ::All non-Premium Members- keep in mind the pictures you post here will be the ones used to draw a Ride of the Month post wisely

    ::If you are selected for Ride of the Month, a minimum of four new pictures, and a write-up on your car will be requested of you after the drawing is complete.

    Enjoy! :)

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    If possible Post the Year and Model on your Subject Line

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    Further words of advice . . . don't post here if you're sensitive about what others may think of your vehicle. You may believe it's the best thing on the road, but others may have differing opinions and comments.

    By posting your car in this forum, you're agreeing to take the "good" with the "bad.'

    As for the "commentators" . . . also be warned that your senses of style are personal as well and may not be as universal as you might think.

    Constructive comments are a hundred times more valuable than simply posting "it sucks." If anything, posting such insults shows clearly who it is that doesn't have style.
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