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Thread: 190Rev On Tapatalk and ForumRunner

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    190Rev On Tapatalk and ForumRunner

    Tapatalk (new) and ForumRunner (has been for a while) are now supported.

    You can use both apps in reading, posting on 190Rev.

    Thank you for your continued support!!!

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    For some reason, nothing shows up in the "Latest" tab for me in Tapatalk. Works fine in ForumRunner...can you take a look?
    Glen Tokuhara

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    The latest tab is and will not work until we upgrade (forum/php).

    To change your default tab:

    You should NOT even be getting the latest tab when you go to website. I have turned that off. Try to clear your app cache.

    ==> goto Settings
    ==> goto Applications
    ==> goto Tapatalk
    ==> clear cache

    Sorry, don't know how to do it on iphones.

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