This is Merccossie, I don't know why my merccossie act can not post.

There is more to this story and I should tell some of it. Then I will try to get some pictures.

I set out to restore the all around SLS w/ ride height control. I was determined to take the car to the track as part of that process. I had decided to restore the SLS hydraulic lines while I was prepping the suspension package i had for the track. Well low and behold, a lot of stuff needs to come off the car to replace all of the SLS and ASD lines.

I was already reworking the suspension and nut and bolting the car, and before too long there was nothing attached to the underside of the chassis, nothing.

So, might as well pull the engine at that point and tidy up things in the engine bay, and wow what a story. And then I lost my lease.

And, Sophie needed a new set of wheels to get to her new digs, so I ordered a full size car dolly. Getting the girl off of the jack stands and onto a dolly, the story just kept getting worse.

I won't get into how many boxes of parts I have labelled "SOPHIE".

I got the whole kit and caboodle into the car hauler and set off towing with my ML55.

It was a complicated and poorly balanced load with Sophie sitting so high and all those parts boxes, I told myself as I set out that if the load was unstable I would turn back. It was pretty good until about halfway. That is when traffic and truck began to fill the road, I had left so early. I began to encounter the rolling hills of South Carolina. I had to greatly reduce my speed as power was the only way to control the trailer, The hills, the trucks, the traffic were sending the trailer and the precious cargo all over the place.

Rosie, the ML55, was hanging in, but there were times when all I could do was tighten my grip on the wheel, eliminate steering input, keep an even but increasing throttle to pull against the wildly swaying trailer, and pray it did come to rest with a face full of airbag. Well......................................