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Thread: My 2,3 8v @ the track

  1. My 2,3 8v @ the track

    Here´s a small video of my 2,3 8v @ Braga (race track at Portugal).

    Set-up :

    H&R Cup kit (not suited to the car, as I am performing the M104 swap and got the 6 cylinder spring/shock rates)
    W124 "15 ET41
    Toyo R888 195/50R15 Front and Yokohama A048R 195/50R15 Rear
    Stripped interior
    Stock 8v brakes

    It´s quite unstable on the bents...mostly because of the lifted front.

    Alfa Romeo GT Junior - YouTube

    Hope you guys like it.

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    1986 201.034 "Berthilda" 5-speed, Evo II wheels 225/45/17, 400E front swaybar, 400e rear brakes
    1986 201.024 M104 engine, 5-speed Conversion, Updated LE trim console, 400E front sway bar, W202 springs, Limited slip Diff, 16v Steering box, 3" magnaflow exhaust system, 16v body kit, 16v Fuel tank, 16v Brake Booster, 400E calipers, MS2 3.57.
    1993 201.029 Sportline LE.

  3. It may also be unstable because of the mismatched tires. Neither the Toyo R888 nor the Yoko AO48 are particularly grippy, but the Toyo definitely has more grip than the Yoko. You've got your car set up with the lower grip rubber in the rear, which isn't ideal if you want stability in the corners.
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    another great tire in that size is the bridgestone re11 we ran them on are formula series cars since brighestone was one of are sponsors tons of grip

  5. Nice I want to see more people tracking these cars good job


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