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Thread: Worst 190 Modification Ever

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    I've been pulled over by border patrol roughly 10 times and asked if I'm packin' heat every time, now I know why...
    Searching For '85 190D 2.0 Hungarian import

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    I agree, he put in alot of work and he has the right to do what he pleases and you (thread starter) have the right to say what you please.

    Just take a few things into consideration in this situation.

    1. from what it looks like the guy lives in the desert without a neighbor in sight.

    2. life is probably alot different where the owner of this car is, people are a lot less critical, and could care less about a car.

    3. Its likely guns are a small part of everyday life where this gentleman is from and probably dosent let off a macho man bosch horn when folks see the double .45 on the trunk. Im guessing the untouchable sticker is his car club?

    4. It would be different if he posted the car on 190rev, he would get justifiably bagged on, till the cows come home.

    I think creating a thread for odd looking cars would be counter productive, I have been checking my post for responses to my questions but am coming up short.
    I am not asking for an answer but a opinions for the most part. Im not complaining just saying a forum is where enthusiasts help each other and also shoot shit.

    I come to the conclusion that as long as we are helping eachother and not strictly making eachother feel like shit, anything goes, even a spot for the odd ball 190e cars out there.
    coming from a e30 background, I can tell you there are a ton more oddball 190s than e30s, there would be alot of funny posts.

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    a super custom limited edition CR-V 280 only in Afghanistan, wonder how the back seats smell?

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    the white 190e...

    imagine if that was using an original 16v kit hacked to modif...

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