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Thread: online poker

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    online poker

    someone plays online poker?

    i play at absolute poker.

    i suck at it btw haha
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    I think you would be better off gambling on the car - at least when you throw money at that some of it does stick.
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  3. I used to a lot but rarely ever. I was doing it on Facebook a few times back in Sept.

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    I play on Party Poker, but have been taking a break recently. I dont think I would still own my car if I didn't play. Most of my profits go towards car repairs, or other bills. I think lifetime I've won about $20-25,000 (11,000 coming from one tournament) I play a lot more in summer because I have more free time. Alway a good way to kill a couple of hours.
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    yeah i play absolute too but I do aweful aswell seems like the mircle card always hits against me..
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  6. I like playing poker in real life. When I started playing it online, the results were not so smooth. I expected everything to be much easier, to be honest. It took me several months to learn everything online. Even if poker rules are the same for both formats, online gaming was much more difficult for me. It is good that I found the RichPrize casino site where it is very convenient to play.
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