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Thread: Today is a sad day...

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    Today is a sad day...

    Unfortunately, I had to part with my "lil black beast"... I just delivered it to it's new owner ::

    Choice came to purchasing the land and building the house, where with today "overextended" and declining market, it has become very difficult to get a construction loan, even with great credit, specially when I choose to find my own subcontractors to have it finished, everyone requred a huge down payment because the market is so unstable, and in the recent years past, school and part time work took most of my savings. Something had to give in ::huh::

    The good thing, it went to a great new owner, ex co-worker and friend for many years who is a car nut, custom cycle builder and great guy who would take care of it!

    This is how I would like to remember it:

    Granted, I have not driven the car much since I bough it four years ago, I'm going to miss it dearly


    P.S. I know I have lotsa stuff under the house leftover, so things will be up for sale soon (soon that is "as soon as I take some pics" of what I have left from this project)
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    Sorry to hear that you had to let it go babycarlsson.At least it's going to someone who will be taking care of the car like you would.I must say that this is by far one of the cleanest and tastefully modded W201 I've seen. Hope this will not keep you from visiting the forum in the future.


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    Nice car im sure it was a real head tuner
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    aw, man...but congrats on the house!!! sounds like life is going well for you...good luck with everything. hopefully we'll see the new owner make an appearance here at some point.
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    if you dont mind our asking, how much did your car go for?

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    personally I would have sold the Audi
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    Definitely one of the sickest w201's on the planet.
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    Thank you all for the kind words and the acknowledgments. It was a fun project indeed. I waxed her for the last time yesterday, and driving to town looked at every car's/truck how 190 reflected in it ::embarrassed:: Yep, missing it already, even though I never drove it much...

    Z - no, don't mind, he wanted the car for the past 2 years $7500 with everything in it.

    Tim - to be honest with you, A4 is more practical car for me for the moment, and moving further into the country side, Quattro is nice to have on the roads that don't get much attention from the state. I do like the 5 speed, with forged internals and tubrocharged (just a little easier to gain "few" extra ponies) and she is not a bad looker either

    Once I'm done with the house, I'm hoping to get a nice size garage (since I will have more than enough space on the property), so I think sooner than you know, I will start looking for a well taken care of 16V ::


  9. your car has been an inspiration for me. it has been the reason for loving these cars so much.
    my car is nowhere the caliber of yours, i want my car to look the way yours does.

    i have to agree with BabyHands, the car is SICK.


    nice A4 too.

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    definitely a sad thing to hear, but i think the trade off for gaining a house/project is worth it ... considering I know how little use the 2.6 saw in your hands lol

    boy that audi looks like a volvo with those sideskirts on their, I wonder why ? lol ... j/k

    quit being a stranger on AIM , mr 'duh'vinci ;-)
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    Sorry to hear about the loss, but congratulations with your gain!

    Do you have any "Before" pictures? Your car is very beautiful and I want to see how it was before it became a model. :)
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    Thank you Brian, thank you Dark! Yep, here is the picture of her (exactly as I received her from sunny FL)

    Cass - I call this "creative ingenuity" on the very tight budget ::thumbs:: I'll catch up with you sooner than you think


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    nice ride, i woulda killed my self for letting it go.
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    Parting with people is a sadness. A car is just a car.

    Don't beat yourself up about having to part with her. Now it's time to start looking forward to the next project. If you get another 190, you'll already know where to start and how to avoid any of the mistakes that I'm sure that you made (doesn't everybody screw up once in a while) along the way. So revel in the surety that your next try will turn out even better.
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    sorry to see it go. U were a real inspiration to me
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  16. sorry to hear it man....hope your still around the forum. We are losing too many old skoolers
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chris93 View Post
    sorry to hear it man....hope your still around the forum. We are losing too many old skoolers
    don't worry, ive got this crazy russian under my thumb... no way is he getting out this easy.
    ~ '92 m103 190e - Regrettably Sold
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    Sorry about the loss. That was one of my favorite W201's.

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    Damn...sorry to hear this :( At least its not destroyed like that other great 190 that was stolen and crashed.

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