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Thread: even trade

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    even trade

    doesn't it make you smile when somebody wants to trade you his Porsche?

    even if it's a 78...

    1978 Porsche Strosek ::thumbs::

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    porsche body kit designer.

    that one is fugly, imho.
    "things have learned to walk that ought to crawl."

  3. trade a 190e 2.6 for a 911 , you better do it ASAP before the crack wears off, that a no brainer,

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    Quote Originally Posted by dporsche74
    trade a 190e 2.6 for a 911 , you better do it ASAP before the crack wears off, that a no brainer,
    yah i already told u yesterday do it do it do it

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    ya...especially since he said he needs the money for his 2.6.

    ramil, better hurry up and buy a car that's even more expensive to fix and that has a bunch of known problems going can you be so short-sighted as to pass up this super-deal? of course, you do get one of the ricerist looking body kits i've ever seen on a 911...which makes it even *more* of a deal!

    "things have learned to walk that ought to crawl."

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    :: ...sorry its the closest thing to puking ::

    Going from the original body I dont understand how that kit looks good to anyone.
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    Tough crowd ::huh::
    Glen Tokuhara

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    my car has a strosek body on it, but it has 993 headlights. that car does have a nicer interior than mine though :(

    150,000 miles
    October, 2011

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    Ugly ass car. But I'm biased. ::

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    i like it, looks good
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    DO IT
    "If a Pro Stock engine builder bought heads the way most people do on the internet they would never qualify, I guarantee it." - Joe Mendelis
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    do it

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    Hey I like it, maybe Im different but I like it, it needs a more aggresive drop.

  14. I somewhat like the bigger round headlights than those projectors.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Schmohey
    I somewhat like the bigger round headlights than those projectors.

    Dude that car is sweet! I love the look of the HUGE wheels on such a small body!! Reminds me of those PSes people always do of their cars scrunched horizontally and with huge wheels! I like everything on it but i HATE those tiny ass headlights. My only other beef is that the rear bumper could be a little lower and wider (so it doesnt flare out as much) but thats not as noticable as the bad headlights.

    Now given the choice between that car and the WALD, its a tough one. I guess it all depends on how much pleasure the wald brings you. Have you test drove this car? If not, test drive it and try to think what car would be more enjoyable for you.
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    sev Guest
    Ramil, please give me the address of the seller. So I can go congratulate him into convincing you to do such a trade. And then try to buy the car off him.

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    i like it
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    i was on samba a month ago and saw that car for sale, i didnt remember seeing the headlights though, maybe it was a different one.

    except for the headlights, i think it is a really sharp car.

    even with the headlights, i would take that trade in a heartbeat......aslong as the car is as nice in person as it is in its pics.

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    sev Guest
    why do men buy porsches?

    to compensate for small penis size.

    worse if you're trading for one.

    hidden penis syndrome? ::

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    sev, ur gay...


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