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Thread: Web hosting?

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    Web hosting?

    I'm looking around for someone to host a small web site for me. I only need a few hundred megs of space for now. I need to be able to register a domain to it.

    I found these people and it seems to be a good deal, but what are you all using?

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  2. #2 has been good to me so far, reasonable rates and all
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    Just get the economy plan for $3.95 a month. 500MB space and 25gb of transfer a month...
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  4. godaddy is easy and cheap

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    hmm no problems with godaddy yet?

    thinking of switching too..

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    I signed up with the Vistapages hosting, and godaddy domain registration. so far so good! Vista has 5gigs of storage, where everyone else only has a few hundred megs. I don't need it right away, but maybe in the near future!

    Thanks for the opinions!
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    Hey Daniel hows everything going. What do you need the web hosting, is it for the races that you run you will host them,a nd your track day runs. lol

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    Had to dig deep to revive a 16 year old thread.
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  9. Y'all ain't caught on all that dude's posts are spam?

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