Hi All,
Thought you might like to see the 190E I built in New Zealand with a M117 conversion...have been racing it successfully for about 3 years now with quite a few wins under its belt. Have had a few W201 / W124's over the years and always new they had great potential as an affordable classic racer just add a bit more power.... This car was a mint 2.6 originally (Mercs are silly cheap in NZ so why buy a dog...)still has original paint...found a couple of 560SEL's for $500 and $800 for donors. Turns out the $800 car had done 94,000kms with FSH, and as a bonus is a 822 engine(long duration cams,10:1,etc) so that's what's in the 190 now. Haven't even taken the heads off it....
Because a few companies in Germany (Carlsson, Shultz,etc) did a conversion back in the day with new cars/engines for wealthy customers it is eligible for classic and production racing in NZ....
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