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Thread: My 190 build

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    Quote Originally Posted by merckrest View Post
    Ive got a 3.91 if you want to go that high and quick. Same size as a factory 16v diff.

    - - - Updated - - -

    you would sit about 500 rpm higher in every speed compared to the 3.27

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    actually I was going to use this diff but my project direction changed a bit and will stay with the 3.27 instead afterall
    Do you have halfshafts to go with it?

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    no but its the same housing as a factory 16v diff. so you could use the 16v ones. Its a 185mm diff like the 3.27 and 3.07 and has the same housing. As far as I know all you have to do is swap your rear cover on it to make it mount up to a w201. If you are interested, tell me what measurements you need. I can take any of them and let you know. then you can calculate for yourself to see if it would work for your application

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    Quote Originally Posted by maximb View Post
    progress update on the cabin and test fitting of parts

    1993 2.6 (040) SportLinE 5-speed - Armed to the teeth w. roof rack/2x bike carriers/8x ski carriers
    1993 2.6 (040) - deceased/reincarnated as a trailer.
    1987 300SDL (355) stole engine, swapped into:
    1991 350SDL (040) - 3.0 engine/trans swap, wireless router remote start mod

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    The m104 engine is in.
    Again I have and issue with the stock mounts for the transmission.
    The hks 60mm wastegate i got (1st Gen) does not fit with with turbobandit exhaust/turbo manifold, nor will any wastegate you buy ( GFB is sending me a 50mm wg, I will try that) fit with this manifold, you will need to purchase turbobandit "race engine mounts" because their manifold interfere with just about every wastegate unless you have their mounts.
    I've started the wiring for my fuel and ignition, just waiting for the M81824/1-3 Terminal Butt Splice Crimp Yellow CONDUCTOR SPLICE,
    They will join my common ground/head ground in a nice clean way. Also waiting to aquire some fire/heat resistant sleeving for fuel and ignition harness.
    I rented a engine hoist from a friend which I will need to return soon. But I managed to fit the engine with all the manifolds in and mentioned the issued, ( exhaust manifold needed trimming).
    I still need to get a clutch, rennsport did not reply to me (sigh)
    I need to swap the engine mounts.
    I will try the GFB 50mm wastegate.
    Also oil pan need to be removed and have the turbo oil drain fitting welded in.
    I also have rear main seal that I can replace.
    Again if someone can DM. Me with a app that will allow me to upload images, you'll all have picture to look at

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