I have been registered here for a long time and even had a topic here, but as I see a lot has changed and my old topic is long lost. Since then actually nothing much has changed. Merc was in storage for several years and now I had to figure out what to do. Sell it or keep it and put tons of money in it. Decided the second option, which is why I am here and will have lots of questions to other W201 owners.

The car is 2.6L M103, Manual, and 1990 registration.

Plans for the future - swap to 3.0 M103, lsd diff, bigger brakes and exhaust to hear that beautiful 12v 6cyl music. Will see how fast I will get through this list of my plans.

And here are some pics:

Had a first drive after several years tonight and of course had a suprise - catalyst was all rusted inside and blocked the exhaust. At first I was unable to rev more than 3000rpm, then it almost stalled and then blew up the catalyst. As a temporary fix it will be cleaned and welded together, but this means new exhaust will be necessary. I like how it sounds with exhaust removed, but it is way too loud. If the same tone could be kept, but made quieter, then it would be perfect. So now I am looking for exhaust system. I have no knowledge of exhaust systems at all, so any help with finding the perfect exhaust for M103 will be greatly appreciated.

Oh and forgot to mention, I am from tiny country in East Europe - Latvia. :)