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Thread: 2.3-16 Project

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    Sounds about right. On my built engine i had the deck machined 1mm to get compression ratio closer to what i wanted (11.5:1) and squish close to 1mm. And i remember the pistons were about 0.4mm too low in the bores (due to piston and rod choice), meaning that right now they protrude about 0.6mm
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    10 years have now lapsed since True Compression of a 2.3-16V, and along the way I've adjusted my spread sheet to include thermal expansion of hot aluminum versus relatively cold iron.
    This tends to boost the calcs a bit by boosting the crown height (aka compression height) and closing up the piston to bore clearance.
    Fyi, my multiplier is set at 0.8% expansion. That gets multiplied against the ~43 height.

    Unless you've gone to a significantly larger bore I'd say you've just recovered from that "piston and rod choice" and are now sitting around 9.9 to 10.3, depending on head CC.
    If you've max'd out the bore and do have the gasket at 1.50mm, then I've got your CR in the 10.6 to 11.0 range.

    BTW, my gasket measurement from back then was 0.068 (ie ~1.73mm).
    The reason why so many "good numbers" is that there are so much imprecision in measurement.
    Then there are plenty assumptions that negate precise measurements.
    For instance...
    - Are we talking a gasket laying around or a gasket under bolt torque?
    - How much thermal expansion?
    - Same deck height all cylinders? After torquing?
    - Same head cc all cylinders? The 10-year old thread shows mine ranging from 52.5 to 55.0cc.
    What a luxury to have consistency across the cylinders.
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    Shop has since sent the pistons BACK to wiseco for additional machining, and is awaiting small end thrust spacers from JE. The head is at a second shop since the valves didn't seal on the seats. New guy did the valve guides on the $48million Ferrari GTO. I wish I had known about him sooner.

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    Mmm... Shiny. (but what a PITA sanding in all the tight spaces)

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