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Thread: 190e built for Golden Gate Drift Pro Am

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    190e built for Golden Gate Drift Pro Am

    I'm thinking out a build of which I have been dreaming. A drift competition 190e to take on the local Pro Am. If I podium at the end of 5 rounds. I'll get a license to compete in Formula Drift Pro 2!

    I've already been drifting for 7 years, so it's time for some power and to get serious!

    The initial engine is going to be a 104.980. I've been having my hands in a few 104.992's but I decided to go with a .980 for myself. The short goal is to find a shell, preferably diesel, and plop the engine in it and use a lot of the suspension/brake/transmission goodies I have stored up. I'll get it running on its CIS v5 first and then get Dkubus' FrankenCIS. The path is drivability first, then control over CIS and tunability, Arriving at a turbo down the road.

    In the background I'll be tracking down/building out a standalone and trans combo for this bad boy for when stuff goes FD Pro 2... a 2001 CL55 AMG's M113 V8! Take your LS swapped 240sx and shove it up your ass. May the 190, v8 and drift gods smile upon me!

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