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Thread: SDC BMW Powered Drift 190E

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    Talking SDC BMW Powered Drift 190E

    My old 190E has had some good abuse since I bought it. The 1.8 8V engine far outlasted anyone's expectations but finally let go after a full day of no fuel cut rev limiter (only ignition cut), almost non existent oil pressure on idle and very high coolant temps at Oulton Park drift circuit. The failure was number 2 cylinder dropping a valve straight through the piston:

    But no worries, I had a spare 1.8 8V that originally came in the 190SR. So in it went, filled it with water only to see the inlet also filling with water.. So back out she came..

    Luckily there was a suitable replacement close at hand; an E36 328i engine. So in she went:

    That's where she got up to this evening. Next is some tunnel massaging/re-modelling to move it back a further 4 inches from where it currently sits and 1-1.5 inches lower too. More coming tomorrow..

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    Great Swap! That is an amazing engine :). You should consider converting it to OBD1 for less headaches and to avoid EWS problems while doing the installation.
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    Quote Originally Posted by P1MP1N J View Post
    Great Swap! That is an amazing engine :). You should consider converting it to OBD1 for less headaches and to avoid EWS problems while doing the installation.
    Thanks dude! I'm on top of the EWS situation but if it does ever give me any problems like loosing alignment I have a friend who can reprogram the immobiliser out of the ECU =]

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    It's in! Kind of.. No chopping of the firewall or tunnel at all, just unbolted the plate that goes across the back of the engine bay to cover the heater blower motor:

    The engine will sit lower than that once I give the cross member some attention with my new favourite toy..

    Just waiting on some solid rubber engine mounts now so it's back to the 190SR to get the engine bay smoothed and painted for the final engine fitting..

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    IT'S IN! And it's also 4.25AM so more on this tomorrow!

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    Awesome! Looks like you still managed to get it pretty far back, moreso than the merc engine anyway. Where did you get the solid rubber mounts?
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    Yeah she's pretty in there! The engine mounts are from a kit car parts company called Car Builder Solutions. They're around £8 each I think and they're mighty stiff! We'll just have to wait and see if they're up to the job on the other 190e with the SR20DET as they've never been tested to that level of power.. I'll be putting steel cables across the mounts just incase they let go!

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    Just a little more on the project's direction; I'm building this car just as a slap-it-in-and-lets-go-skidding type of build. The car itself has had some serious abuse over the years and it's still going strong so seen as I have had my monies worth out of it I felt it was time for some more power and some wall runs!

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