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Thread: What did YOU do today?

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    1986 201.034 "Berthilda" 5-speed, Evo II wheels 225/45/17, 400E front swaybar, 400e rear brakes
    1986 201.024 M104 engine, 5-speed Conversion, Updated LE trim console, 400E front sway bar, W202 springs, Limited slip Diff, 16v Steering box, 3" magnaflow exhaust system, 16v body kit, 16v Fuel tank, 16v Brake Booster, 400E calipers, MS2 3.57.
    1993 201.029 Sportline LE.

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    Found a 12V power supply from a Nintendo WiiWii in my storage space, so I wired up my C123 desk clock with a 1sec flasher. Had planned on this for a while, but the damn thing was burning the 8AA batteries up in the 12V pack quick enough without it. They were the $1.50 pack from Fry's; can't expect much. eBay flasher relay is a little wonky. Adjusted the pot to flash 60bpm, but it skips a beat here and there. Don't need this thing to be as accurate as James Bond's Submariner, so I'm fine with it. The clock itself keeps excellent time.

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    Rode another 141km. Found some time and am trying to make it from Seaside Oregon to San Francisco on the pedal bike.
    87 190e 2.3-16
    90 190e 2.6
    90 Nissan Skyline GTS-T 375rwhp -sold-

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    Quote Originally Posted by secretmachine View Post
    I bought an 87 turbo diesel, what am I getting myself into?
    Dyllon, drop in a C36 engine, then put EVO1 body kit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by glo86 View Post
    Dyllon, drop in a C36 engine, then put EVO1 body kit.
    190d turbo is too rare, that one stays as is. this new 2.2 diesel i picked up though will get some sort of treatment ;p
    1984 2.3 8v Lorinser - Drift/track competition - "Grønne Pige"
    1984 2.3-16 ECE 5-Speed - Sent to Graveyard - "Steve"
    1985 2.3-16 ECE 5-Speed - Daily - "Darkwing"
    1986 2.3-16 NAM 5-Speed - Donor - "Rusty Trumpet"
    1986 2.3-16 NAM Auto - Basket Case - "Phönix"
    1987 2.3-16 NAM VEMS EFI 5-Speed - Track/Canyon - "Dimples"

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