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Thread: 190E 2.6 5-speed: How many were built?

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    190E 2.6 5-speed: How many were built?

    Is there any one aware of total how many 190E 2.6 5-speed were built, particularly for US??

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    too few.

    plain and simple, most of these cars from the dealer new were meant for housewives of doctors/lawyers/etc (so a wise guru from here has hypothesized in the past) ... the 4 spd slushbox auto was basically the norm for those types of interested buyers/drivers ... Mercedes probably realized if someone wanted a sporty w201 they'd just reach back 4-5 years (depending on when they were looking at a 2.6) and buy a lightly used 2.3-16v w/ a manual if that's what they really desired...thus they made the 2.6 not into a sporty car but a small starter 'quality built' Mercedes for someone who wanted a comfortable riding car but completely able at higher speeds. Back then 0-60 times were nothing Mercedes really cared about and they didn't think the public did either...

    yes more and more 5-speed 2.6's pop up on this board...but the real jewel would be finding one that came from the dealer/factory with the 3.27 LSD and 5 speed... :)
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    how can I tell what rear I have in mine?
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    i reckon about three or four ::
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    The number in the US is LOW. I would guess around 1000 2.6 5 speeds.

    But the number worldwide is very high. I have seen at least 10 in the local area.

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