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Thread: My w201 2.0

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    DaGrind Guest

    My w201 2.0

    Hey guys ...

    I'm from Western Germany - and I read from ya board on ...

    I just saw known nicks here - seems like some guys from registered here today 8)

    So I wanna show ya my 2.0 ...

    It got a Supersprint Exhaust, Zender wheels (I dont know the right word ), 40mm Heyking feathers (its the right word ?) and so on ...

    Here some pics ...

    Comments ar welcome ::


    Few minutes ago i read the guidelines for this forum - its right that I may show ya four pics at max in this thread ?

    I removed some pictures, in order not to exceed the limit.

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    Nice car man! But I'm not quite sure bout the red A/C vents ::
    SOLD-1993-16V kitted 2.6 Sportline Limited Edition-Euro lights,AMG lip spoiler, Vogtland springs,Bilstein Sport shocks,18" Moven wheels,400E brakes,Infinity and Crystal Speakers,MTX Thunder 9500 sub,MTX TA81001 amp,143AMP Alternator, White AMG gauge faces, Remote start, SLK pedals,Cold Air intake, Magnaflow dual custom exhaust, 6000K H.I.D.

    Daily Driver-2010 Toyota Tundra,

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    DaGrind Guest
    Hehe ... The previous owner painted them. Just like the Interior roof - in red, too ! I think its terrible - but some guys seem to like them and will do in the same way ...

    Forget to say: I got the Avantgarde front (Radiator grille could be the correct term ::huh:: )

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    crazy european 8)

    welcome to the Rev

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    Nice ride you go there. :)

    1985 MBZ 190E 2.3

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    Looks nice except for the red vents and the heat shield above the exhaust.

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    DaGrind Guest
    Yeh .. the damn heat shield ...
    wasnt my idea - but I can't take it down - the plastic behind was broken - would look shize ...

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    Haha shize....looking good, impact strips painted right?
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    What Funline is that? Any other audio equipment? Also is that another antenna on the passenger side rear ?

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    DaGrind Guest
    Hmm, sorry, but what does 'impact strips' mean ? Perhaps the front grille ?

    Audio equipment - looks bad. Dont have something installed yet. Radio belongs to a friend. I begin to study next month - Therefore I have unfortunately no money at present. AND I have to pay lots of cash because I drove drunk. Yo, shit happens - my fault :: - dont wanna do this again ..

    Car gots only one antenna, on the other side there's still a thing I'd call a 'mounting plate' (get it from a translator :: 8) ) - pleeze dont ask WHY its there 8) The car needs lot of work now - Tomorrow the court will decide about my driving licence. I am strained (strained - the right word ? - Surely :: - ya know, what I mean - I hope :-) )

    Now runs Johnny Bravo, Dexters Lab and Cow&Chicken in TV here in Germany. I'm sure you know them ... - theyre great

    cya sooooon ...

    Much fun with my English. ::

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    Dagrind: The word you are looking for is springs, not feathers, springs = Like them on your car, feathers = like them on a bird.

    Regards Another european :)

    Nice wheels/rims by the way!
    '83 190E 2.0 8V
    120.00km STILL GOING STRONG!!!

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    I think the red vents actually look kind of cool. They add some color to the interior.

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