• performance suspension options?

    I'm going to be buying a 190E within the next month, or so, but the thing is, I don't know a lot about them. It was going to be mainly a street car, but I was going to build it into the car that should have been an M3 fighter. I know the 190E 16v Cosworth car was much more of a grand touring car and the E30 M3 was more of a handling focused car, but I'm wanting to turn the W201 into something that's more handling focused without turning it into a skateboard that will kill your kidneys when it's on public roads. The only thing is, I don't know much about what sort of suspension would be applicable for it. I was looking at Ground Control's full coil over kit, but the rear uses that multi-link setup, and I'm wondering how height would be adjusted with it. Typically, you'd raise or lower the car by adjusting the spring perches as you also corner weight it, but the strut and spring are separate on the rear. Does the rear suspension need to be converted to a double wishbone type design in order to make this happen? Or am I just uneducated about how the multi-link system works? I don't know anything, really, about a 5 link design, so I'm always open to learn.

    Also, does anyone have any recommendation for suspension recommendations? I'm looking to reduce body roll (sway bars & strut tower brace bar) as well as something that has the adjustability to hold up to an occasional track day, but also still be ok to drive on the streets.